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Power Purchase Agreement

A Typical PPA looks something like this:

  • 20-Year contract length with a fixed rate
  • Cash flow positive in year one
  • Fixed escalator of 2-4% per year
  • Multiple buy out options or the system can be removed at the end of the contract
  • Option to extend after the contract term has completed

Guycan Solar's PPA are integrated;

Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) are long-term contracts to buy clean electricity at a predetermined rate. While the PPA provider absorbs the costs of design, construction, operation, and maintenance; customers realize a lower utility bill immediately, as they purchase the clean solar electricity produced at a predetermined rate.

Attached to the local utility grid, a customer substitutes a portion of their traditional monthly electric bills with the bill for the solar energy. The PPA provider consumes any available solar incentives and passes the savings on to the customer. At Guycan Solar, our PPAs are "integrated" because we are both the PPA provider and the solar installer. Traditional PPAs have a PPA provider looking to make good on their investments and a solar installer interested in the lowest cost engineering, procurement, and construction.

At Guycan Solar, the interests of both the installer and the financier are aligned. That means our team will design, construct, and maintain the highest quality system, because it's also our investment.



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