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1. Finance/Purchase

Demand for energy and its cost continue to grow. Globally businesses are evaluating their dependence on non–renewable energy sources and considering investments in renewable energy alternatives for a variety of reasons. Over the past decade, great strides have been made in solar technology and processing. The costs of installing and operating a renewable energy system have decreased substantially making it more affordable.

Renewable energy is an important new source of power generation that will help to reduce CO2 emissions, stabilize energy costs and support long term prosperity for homeowners, governments and businesses alike. Whether you are investing in renewable energy to control costs as part of a building retrofit, to access a new revenue stream, reduce your Hydro bill or simply to reduce your carbon footprint, we welcome the opportunity to be your construction and financing partner.

2. Leasing

Owning and operating a solar installation is not without its inherent challenges. Unless solar is your business or you have the time to commit to understanding the many facets of this technology then a Lease option may be for you. Guycan Solar is actively looking for rooftop sites interested in leasing their roofs for solar developments. 35 years of contracting and roofing experience gives Guycan Ltd. a very unique advantage as a solar system provider to our clients. We provide full project management with installation services, and warranty both the roofing and solar system work.

This approach is extremely convenient for the client as all associated engineering, application, construction, insurance and maintenance details and costs are borne by our group. Our extensive roofing background also means your roof will be professionally maintained throughout the Lease term. The lease is transferable should you decide to sell your property in the years to come.



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