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From roof condition and structural analysis to preliminary system design, financial modeling and all regulatory matters, Guycan Solar is here to ensure your solar opportunity is maximized.


Intelligent financing strategies from capital leases and term loans to capital lines of credit are available.


Our in-house team of system designers and engineers draw on Guycan Solar's multi-kWs of experience to develop your project in order to maximize generation and minimize down time.


Guycan Solar selects system components based on best-in-class quality, bankability and performance. Preferred supplier agreements means getting the best deals for your projects.


Guycan Solar's in-house electricians and installers continue to set industry standards for safety and quality. Our staff are the most “intelligent boots” on your roof that the industry has to offer.


Guycan Solar's Operations and Maintenance services are crafted specifically to care for your solar assets and help you get the most production out of your system. Services are based on industry leading practices.

Roofing Services

Guycan Ltd. offers full roofing services (roof assessment, re-roofing, preventative, reactive and emergency), and the ability to manage your roof warranty. Guycan Ltd. always coordinate design, installation and maintenance activities to protect your building.



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