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Solar in Massachussets

Since its first solar park in 1981 Massachusetts has been a progressive Solar Powered State. The first State supported solar initiatives appeared in 2001 and a goal of 250MW installed by 2017 was established. That goal was aggressively reached by May 2013; four years faster than anticipated. The solar PV install efforts undertaken in Massachusetts in 2013 raked the State 4th Nationally in terms of installed capacity. The new State goal is an ambitious 1,600MW by 2020.


Guycan Solar and its affiliates are committed to helping the State of Massachusetts meet their stated solar installation goals. Working with Municipalities and local business owners Guycan Solar is offering turnkey installations for large scale ground mounts, rooftop and carport solar projects. With purchase, lease, Power Purchase Agreement and Solar Garden Cooperative ownership options, Guycan Solar has an ownership solution for all stakeholders. Let our team of professionals demonstrate to you how we can assist your organization in its solar ventures!


The average solar insolation in massachusetts is about 4 sun hours per day, and ranges from less than 2 in the winter to over 5 in the summer.

Massachusetts' electricity consumption in 2010 was 57,123 million kWh. The state is a net importer of electricity,having only generated 42,8025 million kWh.

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