Management Team

Jason Deonarain, Founder

Mr. Deonarain is the Founder of Guycan Solar. He is continually upgrading his knowledge of changes in the industry to keep up to date on green initiatives, cool roofing, sustainable roofing solutions, solar initiatives, manufacturer installations and all safety aspects of the industry. He is responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of this growing company. In the implementation of the Ontario FIT program, Jason has adopted the negation of producing power and stop relying on big oil for the sustainable future of the planet. His implementation team has constructed and development over 20MW of solar in Ontario alone. With a global market looking to solar to power the world Jason is using his financial expertise to make a splash in to the world stage.

Darren Parker, Vice President

Darren has been imbedded in the solar industry in Canada since the inception of the Ontario FIT program. Darren co-manages day to day operations, drives sales and marketing and plays and integral role in overall project management. Darren brings a diverse business background as well as a BA Hon. in Psychology from York University and a B.Comm Hon. in Business Management from Ryerson University.

Randy Deonarain, Board of Directors

Randy is the CEO and President at Guycan Ltd. He has been striving to keep his customers dry since 1975. Randy's knowledge and experience coupled with his vision to provide quality work and service continues to make Guycan Ltd. a leader in the roofing industry. Guycan Ltd. was established in 1975 as a family business, and, over the last 37 years, has continually evolved and prospered within the roofing industry. The growth and lasting success is accredited to the respect and loyalty that we have earned from the valued customers.

Dan Cesana, Board of Directors

Dan Cesana has been heavily involved in the highrise construction industry for the past 40 years. Currently, his companies employ approximately 700 men in projects throughout Ontario, Bermuda, and the Bahamas. Recently, Hardrock completed the multimillion dollar concrete work at the Toronto International Airport - Terminal One and the Parking Garage. Dan brings to Guycan Solar years of business development experience. His commitment to our leading edge technologies has enabled Guycan Solar to develop projects for market readiness.

Felix Hamidu, Board of Directors

Mr. Hamidu's expertise is in business development. As an entrepreneur, he has successfully established businesses in the information, communications & technology industry, with partnerships and representations in Ghana of world class companies. He currently is in the process of establishing one of his companies as a leading commodities trading house in Ghana. To this renewable energy project, and in general, he brings a wealth of experience in business management and strategic planning with the emphasis on deliverables.

Rafie L. Noushad, Director of Business Development (Ethiopia)

For over 38 years, Rafie Noushad has conducted business in countries around the world. Specializing in real estate development, innovative architectural designs, and custom building construction, Rafie has left his signature for the viewing pleasure of all to see. Many of his creations are especially noted for innovative energy saving designs. He holds various patents related to his endeavors.

Rafie brings to the Guycan Solar team his fluent ability to influence and develop land value for community benefit. His associates around the world look to Rafie for creative and innovative ideas for maximising both space and value for his clients. With associates in various countries positioned in the government, finance institutions and industry, Rafie will focus on the international development and placement of energy maximizing technologies for the benefit of the environment, the people, and the governments of participating countries.

Prince Owusu-Yeboah, Director of Business Development (Ghana)

Prince Owusu-Yeboah has over 20 years of diverse and successful experience in business management, new business development, engineering/technical support and project management. Prince brings a demonstrated ability to execute integrated technical strategies necessary for both direct and indirect industry verticals to maximize results. As the Executive Director of Water, Wind and Sun Inc. Prince has been assisting in providing advanced technological advancements in Reverse Osmosis and UV Light Technologies for safe clean drinking water within Ghana.

Wilfried Blum, Head of Design & Engineering

Mr. Blum worked three years in various countries in Africa for Schlumberger in the oil exploration sector prior to becoming General Manager of an engine remanufacturing operation owned by Volkswagen AG. When the operation was sold to Cummins Diesel, Mr. Blum was retained for the transition. He oversaw the relocation of the plant into a green field facility, which he managed from concept to the full execution. During his five-year tenure at Cummins, sales quadrupled and his employee count grew to 285. Mr. Blum started a private consulting firm in 2003, where he and his partner developed a state-of-the-art, web-based parts and warranty return product. As a consultant, Mr. Blum also has extensive experience as a project manager with a focus on electrical systems, renewable energy and grid tie-in projects. His skills and experience made him a natural fit for the Solar Tech team. Mr. Blum earned a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering degree from Concordia University.



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