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  • Reduced Utility Bills – Cash flow positive from day 1 to year 20
  • Protection from Escalating Energy Rates – Most experts predict that the cost of electricity will continue to increase faster than inflation due to pressure from global demand growth and environmental regulations. Locking in a low rate today will protect you tomorrow, and if prices rise as projected, your savings will increase.
  • Carbon Footprint Reduction – On average, 100kW of DC solar power installed in North America will reduce approximately 175,000 lbs of CO2 annually.
  • No Operation or Maintenance Expenses – Customers only purchase the energy produced, so all operation and maintenance is on Guycan Solar.
  • Marketing Opportunities – Switching from brown power to clean renewable energy is one the best marketing and PR tools available to businesses and municipalities.
  • Freeing up of Capital for Critical Investments – Saving money on operating costs allows you to preserve your capital to invest in core business opportunities.



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