Guycan Projects

Solar in Ghana

Guycan Solar is prepared to construct 40 megawatts of solar photovoltaic electrical production under the SADA mandate. Subsequent to this endeavor Guycan Solar will undertake to build up to a target goal of 200 megawatts of Solar Electrical Production distributed throughout the country as needed.

The initial project size will be a 40MW ground mounted PV operation requiring approximately 130 acres of land area. Projects will be build turnkey in accordance with local standards and licencing requirements. In its operating stage, the solar farm is a passive facility creating no emissions, little noise and will require minimal maintenance.

The consturction of the solar farm will begin after all applicable approvals and permits have been obtained in addition to required IPP licences. Power will be sold directly to GridCO under a pre-established Power Purchase Agreement to the betterment of the local populance.

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