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Solar in Barbados

Barbados is dependent on Diesel fuel for their power. Barbados Light & Power is the monopoly LDC that has provided power to the island since 1911. They service approximately 89,000 domestic customers and 12,300 commercial customers. Over 5,000 barrels of oil per day are required to keep the electricity flowing. With over 40,000 Hot Water solar systems installed across the island Barbados is no stranger to renewable energy, however until recently there has been no solar PV industry. Over the past two years the Government has made great strides in stressing the importance of renewable technology and implementing progressive, green legislation to promote the use of renewable energy such as solar PV.


Guycan Solar is very interested in pursing projects within Barbados. With an average daily peak solar insulation of 5.4hrs and high light quality this island is an excellent candidate for solar PV developments. Guycan Solar is currently finalizing the installation of a 60kW system which would constitute one of the largest PV solar sites currently on the island. Contact us to find out how Guycan Solar can offer ownership and lease options for projects on this sunny island.

Irradiance Data Points for Barbados (SWERA)

The average daily peak solar insulation is approximately 5.4 hours

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